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19 августа 2018, 00:31

Google offers more affordable cloud storage options with Google One

Google One cloud storage

Whether it is to backup your original photos or to collaborate with your co-workers, Google Drive is a flexible cloud storage solution that works across multiple platforms. Eventually, Google Drive will be rebranded as Google One and they will be offering 24/7 support along with more affordable cloud storage options.

As usual, the first 15GB is free to everyone and the plan starts from US$1.99/month (RM8.49/month) for 100GB of storage. At the moment, you can even save more if you pay annually.

If 100GB isn’t enough, Google One is offering a new 200GB option at only US$2.99/month. That’s double the storage for US$1.00 extra (about RM4.10) each month. The next step up is 2TB at US$9.99/month. For those who are currently on a 1TB plan of US$9.99 (RM42.99/month), you’ll be upgraded to 2TB for free. The other bigger storage options of 10TB (US$99.99/month), 20TB (US$199.99/month) and 30TB (US$299.99/month) remain unchanged.

Apart from having cheaper storage options, Google One also offers better customer support plus other extra benefits such as Google Play credits and exclusive deals through their platform. Google One is now rolling out in the US and it will be available in other countries later. To be the first to know when Google One is available in Malaysia, you can opt-in by submitting your email.

In case you missed it, Google will be offering free WhatsApp backup without quota by end of this year. At the moment, Google is currently offering free unlimited photo and video backup via Google Photos in high quality (not full original resolution).


Source: https://www.soyacincau.com/2018/08/17/google-offers-more-affordable-cloud-storage-options-with-google-one/